3 Lies Women Need To Quit Telling Themselves

As women, we try to convince ourselves of certain things even if they are not the truth. One lie we need to stop telling ourselves is that we only deserve certain things after we’ve lost weight. Women need to realize that they are worthy no matter what size or weight they are at. women also need to stop trying to convince themselves that men who treat them badly, love them. Anyone that truly loves you is going to treat you in a good manner. If a man is treating you badly, he does not love you. Lastly, women need to realize that they cannot change a man to make themselves happier.

Key Takeaways:

  • We tend to believe our own thoughts even when they don’t prove themselves to be accurate.
  • There were lies I told myself so often they became a very shaky foundation under an unstable life.
  • Putting off the life you want until you’re different than you are now is an excellent way not to have a life now or ever.

“Love isn’t a lip service kind of thing. No one should ever have to convince you they love you. When someone loves you, you know it because you see it, not because you hear it. Love shows and love shows up.”

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