An Open Letter To My Ex-Wife

In An Open Letter to My Ex-Wife, the author expresses that although divorce is tough, he and his ex-wife have made an effort to keep their divorce amicable. He cites that the sons that they share were always watching how they composed themselves and treated one another, and that he feels they’ve been good role models. He provides the following ways that things work for them: they have always shown one another respect, they have co-parented their children without regard to who gets more time, and they have used their post-divorce time to grow. For those reasons, he feels that they are a great example of how people can successfully navigate the time after a divorce.

Key Takeaways:

  • Our children learn from the way we treat one another – even through the divorce
  • Just because people get divorced does not mean there is no way for them to get along
  • It is possible to have a life after divorce, and to grow through the situation.

“I’m proud that we have modeled for them a post-divorce relationship that’s built on mutual respect.”

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