An Open Letter to Therapists About Your Divorcing Clients

Despite divorce being a life-changing and increasingly common event, few therapists receive any training on it in school.

Divorce impacts almost every aspect of a person’s life: not just their family, but their finances, living situation, and career.

Therapists represent a unique position in a divorcing client’s life because they have no agenda regarding the matter and will choose no sides.

Therefore, therapists should seek training, advice, and reading materials on dealing with divorce for their sake and their clients’.

Key Takeaways:

  • Divorce can be like an earthquake or a storm that ravages a couple’s family, home, money and livelihood.
  • Many therapists claim that a lot of clients are traumatized after a divorce.
  • Therapists have to know that they have a responsibility to help their clients during this time and to provide resources to ease their burden.

“According to one lawyer, there‚Äôs approximately a 30 percent increase in the volume of calls in January compared to other times of the year.”

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