What To Do When Your Marriage Starts Slipping Through Your Fingers

Your marriage can be saved! All marriages have moments where you will ask yourself, “Is this hopeless?”, or “Will this ever get better?”. These all seem like no way out situations, but after 28 years of marriage, the author gives us a list of ideas that we can work on to do better. Overall, the best thing to do is to take inventory and see that YOU are worth it. YOU can change your behavior. First thing is to stay positive, second is to stay present. Start doing things without expectation and that includes changing your partner.

You must accept who you are but past that:
1. Listen and show empathy
2. Make sure that you agree on things you can agree on
3. Work on a few things for your partner that would make their life better
4. Show compassion and start hugging and kissing
5. Feel better that you are working on things. It won’t happen right away, but your marriage will get better.
6. Take the lead
7. Learn how to share your thoughts without being scared. You need to develop that trust with your partner.

Without working towards things, your marriage will never get better.

Key Takeaways:

  • beginnings of relationships are exciting and unpredictable almost taking over your every thought
  • as you get more comfortable with each other you notice that everything is not so perfect
  • if you care enough for each other you accept the good and which makes your life more meaningfull

“Long-term relationships are a roller coaster, they can be difficult, they do have their hard times but it’s from these we gain that strength to face the challenges that life throws at us.”

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A Feminist Critique of Marriage

Marriage has changed over the centuries. Women have had traditional roles until quite recently. Now they go out to work. Not every wife is expected to stay home the way they were in past eras. This gives a feminist’s view on marriage. Feminists are all about rights for women and having them seen as equal. It’s interesting to see how marriage looks to them even if you don’t consider yourself one. It is definitely a unique perspective.

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What Keeps Partners From Cheating?

Cheating can really hurt a relationship. Trust is broken. It feels like a betrayal when you are cheated on. It can also be a bad thing as far as physical health goes. Your partner could give you an STD. What could keep a partner from cheating in the first place? Knowing this and cultivating it can save a great deal of heartache. Not cheating is definitely preferable to trying to fix it once it’s already happened.

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What Future for the Family?

The concept of a “family” has taken many different perspectives over the past decades. The prototypical family has always been viewed as a couple with two children. However, decades have gone by and various cultural changes have changed the perspective of the modern family. Females are viewed as more powerful and having no children at all is becoming more common. Same sex couples have also been a growing trend. With the way the current economy is shifting, pressure is being put back onto many relatives.

Key Takeaways:

  • In previous generations, marriages were created as social alliances or an attempt to create a male heir to continue the family name.
  • Many recent family trends in society are breaking with traditional stereotypes.
  • Single family homes, same-sex headed families, childless families and serial monogamy are all become more common-place.

“The cereal packet family is the archetype of the nuclear family, which consists of a couple and their dependent children.”

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The Irrationality of Marriage

Marriage is irrational because the world’s current expectation of a marriage is for both partners to be available and willing to assist the other no matter what obstacles my be present. It is also irrational because over 40% of marriages end in divorce, making it a wild risk that would not be taken if those chances were applied to nearly any other aspect of life. There is no guaranteed way of knowing if a marriage will work, but hopefully a strong support system can help.

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Who’s to Blame When a Child Dies in High-Conflict Divorce?

Depending on the situation, there are many people who can be, and should be, responsible for a child’s welfare during a high-conflict divorce. If a child dies during divorce proceedings, it could be the fault of the mother, due to her being suicidal and not wanting to leave her child to fend for themselves in a cruel world, severe and crippling financial issues, etc. It could also be the fault of the father for vengeance, or an outburst of anger. And, in some cases, it could be considered the fault of the government for not getting involved soon enough to remove the child from a dangerous situation. No matter who is at fault, those outside of the situation can help prevent this from happening by checking in on the child and providing assistance whenever possible.

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10 Big, Divorce-Proofing Talks To Have Before Getting Married

Marriage is a happy moment and it’s hard to keep in mind that statistics indicate divorce is a possibility for many of us. But psychologists tell us that there are life experiences that are known to be difficult ones and you can divorce-proof your relationships by having open discussions about them ahead of time. Among things to consider are finances, children and monogamy. Whether or not these have easy solutions, discussions like these could strengthen a marriage ahead of time.

Key Takeaways:

  • A hugely important quality for a couple to have is the ability to deal with potentially polarizing, important, life-changing topics.
  • Couples should hash out some money management rules, instead of trying to figure it out as they go along.
  • It’s important to deal with resentment hot-buttons, like intimacy preferences and who gets what job.

“You can’t know how you work through disagreements until you have them.”

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4 Ways To Overcome A Toxic Relationship

There are several key factors in overcoming a harmful, toxic relationship, and the author of this article has outlined several of them. The most useful ones contain information on self-improvement (rather than shifting the blame) and deal with the underlying reasons why an individual may become entrenched in a toxic, negative relationship to begin with. The overall message comes across in a very clear, concise manner, and is advice that is useful in overcoming the offered problem.

Key Takeaways:

  • The first way to get over a toxic relationship is to admit to yourself that it is toxic
  • You need to know that the relationship is not the best option you have, build a support system and pursue other activities
  • Use the time after a breakup to improve your physical and mental well-being, it will make you ready when the right person comes along.

“The only realistic way out is to stop all contact so that you can start anew.”

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There’s Only One Sign A Couple Should Go To Therapy

There is only one signs that tells a couple that they need to go to therapy. If you are in a relationship, then it is time to go to therapy. That is because it helps couples that are not having any problems. It is never a bad time to seek out therapy. It can help prevent things as well as deal with things going on now. Therapy can turn a good relationship into a great one.

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The Most Important Things To Know About Divorce

The author, Jim Halfens, discusses the most important things to know about divorce in this article. He states that divorce is more likely to happen during the summer or after a vacation, referring to summer time as “the calm before the storm”. Social media also plays a huge role in divorce as spouses have access to ex’s, and pornography. Statistics also show that the younger you marry, the more likely you are to divorce and continue to have failed marriages.

Key Takeaways:

  • Like sloughs after peaks, divorces often erupt after high family-first periods, like summer vacations and winter holidays.
  • Marriage dissolution rates lesson from more than half, for those marrying before age 18, to closer to a third, for those holding out till at least their 20s.
  • Social media, possibly because it fosters easy access to old and new connections, can pay a significant role in marriages ending.

“Over the summer the subject of divorce tends to be all over the media. As CEO of Divorce Hotel I notice that this is the time of year when I receive the highest number of requests to interview.”

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