Co-Parenting Tips If You Have Asperger’s/Autism

Divorce is never easy especially when one of the two have Asperger’s especially when there are children regardless of their ages. Here are four ways to make raising children easier if you are on the spectrum, The first thing is to have a concrete and structured parenting schedule. Recognize that your children need different things in different parts of their development. Civility is the best interest for you and your children. Children need freedom and social engagement to grow.

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The Candid, Honest Reasons These Women Called Off Their Engagements

Ever felt trapped after getting engaged, just because that ring was sitting on your finger. Here’s the thing, it I see never too late to say no, ever. These women have told their stories of the times they have broken off their own engagements and the very reasons that led to these decisions. Not every relationship comes out glamorous and beauty once that ring is slipped on, and in most cases some expect it to get better, lets face it, if it was bad before what would make it better after?

Key Takeaways:

  • Broken engagements most commonly happen due to a fear of commitments
  • Some reasons for a broken engagement include substance abuse issues or infidelity
  • A fear of commitment happens when a person is not ready for a mature, healthy relationship

“But she’s not alone; many women and men call off relationships with people they they seriously considered marrying.”

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Divorce Isn’t What Harms Kids’ Health, Study Finds, But How Parents Handle It Is – Romper

Despite pre-conceived notions of the ill effects on divorce on children, the divorced itself does not cause these psychological issues, but how the parents handle their divorce. In fact, children do not mind the separation if it does end the dispute between each other. The child not being used as a bargain for the divorce is the most helpful way to prevent somatic stresses of the children. Healthy coping skills and time would be most beneficial to negate the stressful effects of divorce.

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After divorce, shared parenting is best for children’s health, development – STAT

Just because the marriage didn’t work out, doesn’t mean the kids should suffer. The best thing is to find a way for the parent s to find a mutual way to share parenting and perhaps find a way to become friends once more if not for themselves, just for the kids. It’s not worth the kids hating themselves or you because of a failed marriage. You two can be amazing parents I feel you give each other the chance.

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The One Thing Every Couple Needs To Remember During A Fight

This is very good relationship advice that all of us can use. Every couple argues. None are perfect and none agree all the time. The key is not to let the fights ruin the relationship. There are right and wrong ways to disagree. This gives you one important thing to remember. This could help you keep your relationship healthy so is crucial. Many couples failed because of how they handled their fights and that’s very unfortunate.

Key Takeaways:

  • In a divorce, I once represented a woman who insisted on fighting for her marital bed, which her husband had made and given to her and now wanted back.
  • Finally, I pulled her aside and said, “Do you realize how much money you’re spending fighting over this?”
  • When people are overwhelmed with emotion, they lose all perspective.

“But I push couples to remember the goal: You want a resolution. Instead of focusing on the past, think about what you want the future to look like, and how we can get there.”

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Your Divorce Is Not Part Of Your Teen’s Graduation –

The psychologist in this article is clearly state that, what children face after their parents divorce, and how they feel about their parents. The education of children is must important for their parents than their ego’s and frustrations. Every divorce situation after divorce, grand parents must take their responsibility to graduate their grand parents, and how children to be enjoy their graduation without any difficulties from their parents. Couples after divorce can agree to a one-time amount or staggered payment at different stages of the child’s educational life or a monthly payment with incremental increase.

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Report: More baby-boomers getting divorced – WDEL 1150AM

Studies show that more baby-boomers are getting divorced than generations before. Thoughts are that this is due to the longer lifespans. Thanks to advanced medicines and technology, people are living longer and therefore have more time to enjoy life after retirement. Many people are retiring and realizing that the person they are with is not enjoyable or pleasant to be around for the rest of their lives. Baby-boomers are getting more divorces but are ultimately living happier lives because of this choice.

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3 Lies Women Need To Quit Telling Themselves

As women, we try to convince ourselves of certain things even if they are not the truth. One lie we need to stop telling ourselves is that we only deserve certain things after we’ve lost weight. Women need to realize that they are worthy no matter what size or weight they are at. women also need to stop trying to convince themselves that men who treat them badly, love them. Anyone that truly loves you is going to treat you in a good manner. If a man is treating you badly, he does not love you. Lastly, women need to realize that they cannot change a man to make themselves happier.

Key Takeaways:

  • We tend to believe our own thoughts even when they don’t prove themselves to be accurate.
  • There were lies I told myself so often they became a very shaky foundation under an unstable life.
  • Putting off the life you want until you’re different than you are now is an excellent way not to have a life now or ever.

“Love isn’t a lip service kind of thing. No one should ever have to convince you they love you. When someone loves you, you know it because you see it, not because you hear it. Love shows and love shows up.”

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Divorce Can Be Devastating – LA Canyon News

Divorce can be very hard to deal with. It can be hurtful and is hard to handle when you’re feeling bad. This will help you. Emotional pain is hard because some can’t get past it. Physical pain can heal but emotional pain often takes special things to help it such as therapy or even medication if it turns into anxiety or depression. These things can taint all aspects of life if they aren’t taken care of correctly.

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4 Ways To Overcome A Toxic Relationship

Toxicity in a relationship can be hard to deal with but it can also be hard to escape. There are many kinds of toxicity. It’s not always as obvious as you’d think. It doesn’t always involve yelling or physical abuse. This gives four ways to deal with toxicity so you can have healthier relationships. If you can maage this you’l be happier over all. There is a lot of stress involved with having certain people in your life.

Key Takeaways:

  • The first step is to realize that you are in a bad relationship.
  • Another key is to understand that you can do better than the relationship you are currently in.
  • It’s important to get rid of whatever was holding you back with that relationship and to take care of yourself above all else.

“You are deluding yourself and wasting precious time if you are trying to believe that you can somehow still be friends or have a phone relationship with your toxic partner. These people have a way of manipulating and getting others to feel sorry for them.”

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