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A Feminist Critique of Marriage

Marriage has changed over the centuries. Women have had traditional roles until quite recently. Now they go out to work. Not every wife is expected to stay home the way they were in past eras. This gives a feminist’s view on marriage. Feminists are all about rights for women and having them seen as equal. It’s interesting to see how marriage looks to them even if you don’t consider yourself one. It is definitely a unique perspective.

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What Keeps Partners From Cheating?

Cheating can really hurt a relationship. Trust is broken. It feels like a betrayal when you are cheated on. It can also be a bad thing as far as physical health goes. Your partner could give you an STD. What could keep a partner from cheating in the first place? Knowing this and cultivating it can save a great deal of heartache. Not cheating is definitely preferable to trying to fix it once it’s already happened.

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The Irrationality of Marriage

Marriage is irrational because the world’s current expectation of a marriage is for both partners to be available and willing to assist the other no matter what obstacles my be present. It is also irrational because over 40% of marriages end in divorce, making it a wild risk that would not be taken if those chances were applied to nearly any other aspect of life. There is no guaranteed way of knowing if a marriage will work, but hopefully a strong support system can help.

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Who’s to Blame When a Child Dies in High-Conflict Divorce?

Depending on the situation, there are many people who can be, and should be, responsible for a child’s welfare during a high-conflict divorce. If a child dies during divorce proceedings, it could be the fault of the mother, due to her being suicidal and not wanting to leave her child to fend for themselves in a cruel world, severe and crippling financial issues, etc. It could also be the fault of the father for vengeance, or an outburst of anger. And, in some cases, it could be considered the fault of the government for not getting involved soon enough to remove the child from a dangerous situation. No matter who is at fault, those outside of the situation can help prevent this from happening by checking in on the child and providing assistance whenever possible.

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There’s Only One Sign A Couple Should Go To Therapy

There is only one signs that tells a couple that they need to go to therapy. If you are in a relationship, then it is time to go to therapy. That is because it helps couples that are not having any problems. It is never a bad time to seek out therapy. It can help prevent things as well as deal with things going on now. Therapy can turn a good relationship into a great one.

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Facebook Infidelity: It’s Time to Fight Back!

One of the leading causes of marital issues in the United States today stem from the use of Facebook by one, or both, parties in a marriage. Statistics indicate that Facebook users are much more likely to engage in relationships, both verbal and physical, outside of their marriage compared to couples who refrain from using the site. Users of the social media platform are also at risk of negative consequences such as addiction to the site, social isolation, and unhappiness in general due to the fact that they may feel that their own lives do not measure up to some of their friends and compatriots on the site. Facebook use also can lead to increased distrust in relationships because it is so much easier to track the activities of one’s partner or any other person of interest.

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Bridging Relationship Distress

When it comes to bridging relationship distress, it is important to blame the pattern and not the person. Troubles relationships are usually all about high conflict and high stress. It can also be characterized by disengagement. If you are disengaged, then you may feel safe. But, it eventually becomes erosive and you cannot make a connection with the other person. You may have even come to a point where things seem like they cannot be fixed.

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The Placebo Effect Can Mend Your Broken Heart, Study Suggests

The pain felt during an emotional breakup is actually very similar to physical pain. Researchers tested subjects via photographs of their previous breakup partners as well as providing a jolt of physical pain. The fMRI showed similar locations in the brain active during each test. The subjects were then given a nasal spray placebo and the test was repeated. The placebo group experienced less emotional and physical pain. The takeaway is that one needs to believe that things can and will get better in the future.

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3 Ways To Prepare Your Life (And Your Heart) For A Divorce

Anyone going through a divorce is one of the most difficult things you can experience. I love that you recommend that you should find a partner you can trust to talk too, sometimes just talking about it, can you make you feel so much better. We also do need to know our rights and to know the correct things to do, will give you the confidence you need. Taking it one day at a time is so important, because we can get so caught up with trying to do so many things, sometimes we do have to just take a step back, take a deep breath and know that we will get through it one day at a time.

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What to Do About Deep Loneliness Post-Divorce

A lot of divorced people experience social stigma, friends leave and it is hard to make new friends. This makes a tough situation even tougher. There are some tips to manage this feeling of loneliness. You need to embrace fully grieving your situation, you will get over it quicker and move on faster. Stop dwelling unnecessarily on your past. Don’t be afraid to go to support groups and get out there to meet other people. Finally, find people who understand and support you.

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