Do You Love Your Kid More Than You Hate Your Ex?

The gist of this article is what the author calls the “one wound” theory. This theory expounds that the parents’ divorce was the only “wound” they wanted to inflict on their children. Thus, their joint choice was to make sure that the kids weren’t wounded by their continued interactions with each other, with and without the kids. They call it “coparenting” and it is probably the one thing that helps to keep the children whole and healthy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kate Chapman, a Huffington Post Contributor, is a member of a blended family, who believes she did the right thing in staying friendly with her ex.
  • In explaining her peaceful relationship with her ex to her son, Chapman called the divorce the one wound, one that she refused to exacerbate with further hurts.
  • Most importantly, she explained that she and her ex loved him to much to continue to hate each other.

“Filling my head and heart with anger about Billy would cloud the happy memories I have of our marriage, and the beginning of my adventures in motherhood.”

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