My Parents’ Divorce Made Me A Feminist

Many feminists have a reason to feel as they do. They may have seen a woman treated badly by the legal system as with a divorce or by men in general. Seeing things like this at a young age can change the way someone views the world. Feminists are willing to fight for women’s rights and for them to be respected. This isn’t always easy to do but they think it is a worthy and necessary cause.

Key Takeaways:

  • The way divorce is talked about is powerful, not just to the people getting divorced, but also to the children of that divorce.
  • Divorce and how it is handled within the family also affects the relationships that children have with others outside of that familial group.
  • The impact of a divorce is lifelong, to all of the participants.

“Every ordinary, terrible experience is a chance to know yourself better and see your life more clearly.”

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