The Hidden Dangers of Early Divorce

This is a brief look into how addictions can affect someone after a divorce. It’s important to note that addictions do not just include drugs, nicotine and alcohol; any behavior that becomes a ruling force in ones life can be a behavioral addiction. As the article pointed out, porn and shoe shopping addictions can be just as detrimental to someone as substance addictions. The brain releases chemicals based on what we are feeling or going through during an event. Cortisol and adrenalin are released in stressful, heartbroken experiences, and later the rush from an addiction releases dopamine and other hormones. Denial is a key aspect when someone has an addiction, but there are several signs that show an addiction is present. Preoccupation with the behavior & an inability to control the behavior are two large indicators. If someone does find them self with an addiction, there are several places to seek help. There are 12-Step programs, psychiatrists, hotlines, online options and your general physician can guide you to assistance as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many divorcees turn to unhealthy habits to take their mind off of the troubles and pain caused by their divorce; these habits can lead to addictions.
  • When a person is feeling bad they might look for a good time, this will release dopamine in our brains allowing us to feel good and will create cravings in the future.
  • There are specific signs of addictive behaviors to look for in yourself or someone who might be concerned about and help, like AA, is always available.

“Turning to substances or new behaviors post-divorce is not uncommon.”

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