The Most Important Things To Know About Divorce

The author, Jim Halfens, discusses the most important things to know about divorce in this article. He states that divorce is more likely to happen during the summer or after a vacation, referring to summer time as “the calm before the storm”. Social media also plays a huge role in divorce as spouses have access to ex’s, and pornography. Statistics also show that the younger you marry, the more likely you are to divorce and continue to have failed marriages.

Key Takeaways:

  • Like sloughs after peaks, divorces often erupt after high family-first periods, like summer vacations and winter holidays.
  • Marriage dissolution rates lesson from more than half, for those marrying before age 18, to closer to a third, for those holding out till at least their 20s.
  • Social media, possibly because it fosters easy access to old and new connections, can pay a significant role in marriages ending.

“Over the summer the subject of divorce tends to be all over the media. As CEO of Divorce Hotel I notice that this is the time of year when I receive the highest number of requests to interview.”

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