There Really is a The One-Minute Marriage Cleanse?

There is a one minute marriage cleanse that can help people out a lot. There are so many things that demand attention from couples and they never have time to spend with each other. They have work and kids and that is a lot to juggle every single day. Gone are the days when a couple can go out on a date night. Things are just too hectic now. Relationships get neglected nowadays because of all the busy people.

Key Takeaways:

  • Taking 1 minute out of your day can help your marriage.
  • Thinking about things you like about your partner can help reinforce feelings towards them.
  • Counseling for couples is not widely used by couples because of a lack of time, therefore solutions like the One-Minute Cleanse have formed.

“One of the most common obstacles I find nowadays in trying to do couples counseling is that couples are just too busy with work demands, children’s activities and a gazillion other day to day things that soak up a couple’s time.”

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