This Marital Behavior Is Not Only Annoying, It’s A Sign You Might Divorce

One of the leading causes in divorces today is a partners ability to ignore their significant other. The act of ignoring your partner can hurt them dearly and, over time, make them feel so unimportant that they no longer want to be in that relationship. There are many reasons why partners shut down in an argument and it’s up to both parties to understand and help each other when those signs start to show. Communication in relationships is key and when one party chooses to forego meaningful conversation for the art of silence they are, in essence, killing their own relationship.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discuss one thing at a time

    It’s a self-protection mechanism. Knowing this, the other partner needs to be conscious of not overwhelming the stonewaller with too much information.

  • Be aware of the physical reaction you have before you stonewall.

    “If you’re a stonewaller, you usually have an internal physiological reactions (increased heart-rate or rapid breathing, for instance)

  • Make a pact to not argue when you’re both exhausted.

    “Our busy schedules make us susceptible to higher levels of stress and anxiety ― and stonewalling. To avoid stonewalling, it’s imperative to be

“Surprisingly, the communication mistakes are more mundane than you’d think”

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